Bálint Kovács

Bálint Kovács

Dr. Bálint Kovács is a senior research fellow in the Leipzig Centre for the History and Culture of East Central Europe (Leipzig/Germany), where he is coordinating the research project "Armenians in East-Central Europe". He studied History, Catholic Theology and Law in  Budapest. He received a PhD in history from the Peter Pazmany Catholic University (Budapest-Piliscsaba) in 2010. In 2011-2013 Kovács taught Eastern European history at the Peter Pazmany University in Budapest.  His fields of interest include the history of Eastern Europe (especially Transylvania), the Caucasus and the cultural history of the Armenian Diaspora. His current research focuses on the history of  the Armenians in East-Central Europe.


Veröffentlichungen von Bálint Kovács

Far Away from Mount Ararat
Bálint Kovács, Emese Pál (Hg.) Far Away from Mount Ararat Armenian Culture in the Carpathian Basin 184 Seiten, Hardcover, 24,00 € ISBN 978-3-86583-776-9
The Armenian Catholic Collective Archive in Armenopolis
Rita Bernád, Bálint Kovács The Armenian Catholic Collective Archive in Armenopolis Repertory 320 Seiten, Hardcover, 25,00 € ISBN 978-3-86583-588-8
Catalogue of the Armenian Library in Elisabethopolis
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