Enno Berndt

Enno Berndt

Enno Berndt is Full Professor for International Management, Corporate Culture and Scenario Planning at the College & Graduate School for Business Administration of Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto, Japan). In his research he is questing, whether car manufacturing corporations from Germany & Japan are willing and capable to transcend their traditional business model and transform organizations, cultures and strategies towards providing sustainable and affordable mobility (tool). After Fukushima 3/11 he expanded his research field into analyzing of electric (nuclear) power generation in Japan.


Veröffentlichungen von Enno Berndt

Toyota in der Krise
Enno Berndt Toyota in der Krise Von den Widersprüchen und Grenzen des Status quo 143 Seiten, Broschur, 24,00 € ISBN 978-3-86583-358-7
Toyota: Was ist möglich?
Enno Berndt Toyota: Was ist möglich? Zur Arbeit an der automobilen Zukunft seit den 1990er Jahren 237 Seiten, Broschur, 30,00 € ISBN 978-3-86583-044-9
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